Reckless Racing: A Must Have Android Game To Set Ass On Fire !

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This performance intensive game will surely make gamers on android platform go nuts. Being one of the craziest game available for android it blends the bird-eye view racing style with HD quality graphics which will blow off your mind for sure. Graphics is seriously stunning. Skid,slip and slide through various dirtrack and challenge other players through multiplayer mode. Reckless racing has amazing visual power which will set you in the heart of Dixie,where you will face magnificently detailed background racetracks.Gamers can choose between Dirt track or asphalt,truck or rally car and different steering modes to push themselves to new limits.Below are some screenshots taken from the game and please viewers are requested to not to open their mouth.

snap 2

Developers did a great job,they gave reckless racing highly detailed world,good physics engine,adrenaline pumping controls and nice sound effects.Gamers can clearly see moving trees,reflection on water bodies and good textures. Dirt,smoke and flame coming all over on your screen will definitely make you pop out your tongue. Players can destroy physical objects like boxes,fences,doors,vehicles etc to make racing more fun and steering mode can also raise excitement level to a new one if well trained.If you people want to observe the excitement then below is a video for you too.


Immerse yourself in the world of caziest no rule driving.You can choose between Dirt Rally,Hot Lap Time trial or Delivery Time trial.Compete others or challenge the clock to be one of the dirtiest racer in reckless racing world. This game is purely performance based so android users should first check out whether their devices will be able to run it or not.Devices like Samsung Galaxy 5,Galaxy 3,Lg optimus,HTC wildfire should not be expected to run this game flawlessly….oooopss



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