Is Google Gearing Up for Next Major Social Networking Site ” Google Me” ?

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Adding more fuel to the so-called rumors till now about a possible launch of Next Major Social Website called “Google Me“, one of the Research team member has posted amazing report on web with in-depth analysis of Social Networking needs, problems, solution & business. After its failed attempt to have stack in Facebook, lost by arch rival Microsoft, Google is working on alternative Social Networking website from some time.

Social Networking is still in its early stage and lots of potential business model is getting grilled around that. This makes Social Networking as one of the fastest and widely adopted business model and attracting investors worldwide. In a killer 216-slides-with-footnotes presentation posted on SlideShare, Google UX researcher Paul Adams laid out the full gamut of challenges for today’s web designers. It’s a topic of great importance for every product designer, interface designer, web start up and social media consultant struggling with social groups in the online space.

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Social media is here to stay and its has become an integral part of Internet now. Online Social networking is one of the most promising tools using which one can be selective and connected with the people he/ she wants. It also avoid such boring parties where you have gathering of people but end of the party there will be no connect.

Assume how many people in your office talks to your regularly at cafeteria ? Then think about those who have lunch with you, Following this think about your project colleague and previous employers friends. On personal grounds every one carries 8 – 10 different groups in his life and every group have minimum 3-4 people. That way every person have a network of minimum 50 people all the time. Out of those 50 people how many are connected with each other ? the results may surprise you as numbers will be on lower side.

while the same on Online Social network, the moment you add any new person in your network it get notified al rest all members in your group. Other friends can explore his hobbies, likes, dislike, personal & professional information just in few minutes. If they get impress they send a request to that person to be networked. Simple, isn’t it.

So, how do you design a social application for different groups of connections with different degrees of closeness to the user? How do you design in a way that helps people maintain close ties with their true friends without making them overshare to more casual connections, including professional contacts? How do you help your users maintain vibrant digital tribes — even nomadic ones — that still remain somewhat segregated from one another?

These fascinating questions are several others are explored in the deck below. Its 216 slides are well worth the read; peruse, ponder, and let us know your opinions, conclusions, and conjectures in the comments section. Have look on Research slides The Real Life Social Network v2

Do you think this is a sign that a Google Me social network is coming soon? What do you think of Google’s conclusions? Let us know in the comments.


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