Blow for Apple – Consumer Report Thumbs Down to iPhone 4.0

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It may be possible that bloggers across the world are addressing Apple iPhone 4.0 attentivly and criticizing Apple for not accepting the flaw of Signal strength in real manner, but the case will not be the same when consumer report which denied recommending iPhone because of ongoing signal strength problem with many iPhone 4.0 users for which Apple is still not ready to fix the issue in well determined way.

Hardcore Apple Fan can cry foul about many bloggers or about latest released consumer report but the experience and feedback from various users across the launched country turn down to accept iPhone as one of the best release of the year. It would be difficult for Apple to encounter Consumer Report because it’s not just a feedback or opinion of any blogger who has been pinched by the service of iPhone, it’s a real credible consumer report – which matters a lot for the industry as well Apple.

Sales of the iPhone were real strong at early launch days and people were excited about it but on real fact it was all Apple Fans who pre-booked iPhone or camp in front of Apple store and receive it as soon as its launched. For them it is much more important to hold such gadget in and while meeting with people than features, reliability and feasibility. This can’t be counted and rated as true consumer of iPhone, may be good for Apple. A Real consumer will check it tight about features, scalability and value for money before putting its hard-earned money for any product. Those are people who have been covered in consumer report.


Apple tends to take a no-response position when the criticisms surface. That’s just the Apple way of doing things. But the company may not be able to ignore this one. The CR report dominated headlines today – and not just on Techmeme and other tech blogs. The CR news went mainstream, which means that those non-techie customers who may have been on the fence have now been influenced.

It has also given wings to one my earlier post “iPhone is becoming another Vista” few days back. Despite of fact that Apple has accepted its fault and promised to fix the issue through software, most of the users and experts have opinion that signal strength problem is a combination of software & Hardware design flaw and can’t be fixed till users expectations without replacing the Hardware ( iPhone ) as well.

It would be interesting to see the next move of Apple on iPhone 4.0. Do you think announcing iPhone replacement by calling back released iPhone 4.0 models will add long-term creditability to Apple or will be turn on a disaster for all its future products ? Do lets u know your views by posting comments.



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