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LinkedIn Introduces “Your Commute”: An Interesting Feature To Help Job Seekers

linkedin your commute
Persisting for a long time now is an off-base assumption that commute issues are an obscure factor to be taken into consideration. While a major section of an employee as well as employers polls up on salaries, perks and incentives, equal priority is to be given to the average commute of a day. Hence, moon-walking in as the much-needed...

Google Inc. (GOOG) Losing Grip As Share of Website Traffic Shrunk To 31%: Ask, Yahoo, Bing Drive Lower Traffic But Higher Engagement

Website traffic through organic search is one of the major factors which drive online users to brand pages. Although, social media referral traffic is on exuberant rise still significant amount of marketers invest on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as internet users visiting via organic search are more prone to buy/engage with the website. Search giant Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) undoubtedly...

Xbox One : The Complete Home Entertainment System From Microsoft

xbox one
Xbox One the home entertainment package launched by Microsoft last week or rather unleashed by them was their highly anticipated next generation console from the Xbox family. And the fact that they call it the Xbox One and not Xbox 361 or Xbox 720 is testament to the approach they are bringing to the living room entertainment industry.I call it a living...

Would We Ever Address The Search In Microsoft’s Terms – Hey, Bing It !!!!

Microsoft’s search rival Google is yet to make presence in our thesaurus as a verb; While on the other side, farther company's CEO--Steve Ballmer--has also saddled his efforts for 'Bing' to be used as verb. At present, Microsoft is facing stiff challenge in the online search space to make significant gain in the market against Google.However, general manager of influencer marketing...

Google Holds 92% Of Mobile Search Engine Market Share: Is There Any Viable Contender?

Mobile web traffic is continuously increasing worldwide and now, it accounts 10% of total web traffic.  Proliferation of mobile handsets across the world has forced online search giants to optimize their engines for mobile platform. However, online searching on mobile device is quite nascent compare to desktop searching.Market Share Distribution Of Search Engines On DesktopsAmong desktop search engines, Google...

Steve Ballmer Predicts – Microsoft Will Beat Google In A Blind Test: No Joke!

When Steve Ballmer took over Microsoft's leadership role from the company's iconic founder Bill Gates about a decade ago, he had some pretty big shoes to fill in, and help Microsoft emerge from Gates' larger than life shadow. Under him Microsoft has been like a born-again company.Everyone knows that while Microsoft were going through the transitional period a few...

Is Steve Ballmer A Real Providential Indication for Microsoft ?

The eye-catching events for Microsoft in last couple of years; marriage with Nokia, the acquisition of Skype, second its entrance into blockbuster gaming console in the Xbox, followed by its decision to bring Windows Phone 8 this year. It’s estimated that Microsoft’s Data-Center software division had led the sales of $17.1 billion last year. However, it’s well known that...

Is Microsoft Deal The Last Hope For Mozilla Firefox ?

Mozilla is going through rough track in web browser industry. Its - once much hyped - web browser Firefox is facing tough competition from various other prominent browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft IE and Apple Safari. Market share of Firefox has dipped in last one year which caused the tie up with Microsoft to release a customized version with default browser Microsoft’s...

Microsoft kills Bing Cashback

Microsoft said Friday it is getting rid of Bing Cashback, a program that allowed advertisers to bid for search advertisements by offering a percentage of sales back to users. When introduced in May 2008, Microsoft had held out the program as a significant way it could change the economics of search.

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