After Apple And Google Now Xiaomi Plans To Plunge Into The EV Segment!

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As of late, a swarm of companies have been wanting to expand into the EV segment by launching their own fleet of electric-powered vehicles. The Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi is the latest addition to that list.

According to a recently surfaced media report, Xiaomi is gearing up to launch its own electric vehicles by partnering with Great Wall Motors, a major Chinese EV manufacturer.

Sources in the know have revealed that Xiaomi’s electric car will release in 2023 and will be economically priced to align itself with the company rest of the price-sensitive portfolio.

The Chinese giant has already initiated discussions with the GWM (Great Wall Motors) to iron out the details about the design, feature offering, smart connectivity, etc., for the making of a Xiaomi-branded electric car.

As of now, it is not exactly clear how much input Xiaomi has on the making of the car. However, when it comes to engineering and the mechanical details, they will most certainly be decided by GWM alone.

Note here that the media report highlighted that both Xiaomi and Great Wall have currently declined to comment on this matter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the information is a shot in the dark, as companies are known to avoid press button before a deal has been concretely set in stone.

Xiaomi has long been a solid competitor in the technology space and has been working hard to establish itself in the smart devices ecosystem and not become just another smartphone maker.

Xiaomi Electric Vehicle: Eyes On The Future Of Transportation

Xiaomi is also one of China’s best and biggest best tech exports to global markets. It has managed to do pretty well for itself without attracting any unnecessary privacy and data espionage concerns from international regulators the way Huawei did.

The sources who are familiar with the recent developments mentioned that this will be the first time Great Wall will offer support to a technology company in the engineering domain. Most tech bigwigs such as Apple, Google, Intel and Nvidia have forged partnerships with existing global car companies to collaborate on making electric-powered or self-driving automobiles.

But that being said, given the various dynamics involved in the automobile business, it is very likely that these tech companies will want to opt for business partnerships like the one that is currently being speculated between Great Wall and Xiaomi.

All in all, no details about the possible deal has yet been announced officially. But the sources have claimed that a formal announced will be made by Xiaomi within the upcoming week itself. And, while it is true that the Chinese-origin technology brand has grown to be a consumer favourite in India, it is very unlikely one would be able to see a Xiaomi electric car roaring on Indian streets any time soon.

Currently, when it comes to electric cars in India, all eyes are set on Tesla’s debut and how they will go up against the offerings of the homegrown automobile giant Tata Motors. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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