More iPhone Users Switching To Android, As iPhone Lost Mojo [STUDY]

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The number of iPhone users switching to Android clearly indicate that the iPhone is losing its mojo, and Apple must act on it as soon as possible.

Ever since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) released its first iPhone, the company has been consumers’ favourite, even surpassing sales of the many flagship Android smartphones released by Samsung, Nokia or other smartphone manufacturers. But recently, the sales of Apple iPhones are plummeting in many nations around the world and the scenario is no more favourable for Apple anymore.

It is a widely known fact that Apple charges a premium on its products when compared to its rivals in the market. Where other smartphone brands are offering advanced technology and enhanced specifications at cost-efficient prices, Apple’s technology has been rather similar for the past few years. In this regard, it does not come as a surprise when we say that iPhone customers are now changing their loyalties towards Android smartphones.

iPhone Users Switching To Android

According to a recent study by BankMyCell, an increasing number of iPhone users have now been changing their devices to Android phones of late. In fact, Between last October and June this year, 1 out of 4 iPhone X users switched to Android. Out of all the manufacturers of Android phones, Samsung is the one that has been reaping the most benefits of this. Surprisingly, in June 2019, more than 18% of former iPhone users traded their device for the new Samsung smartphones, mostly with the latest offerings of Galaxy S or Note series.

BankMyCell is a company that allows consumers to sell their old, used phones and upgrade to a new one. It conducted its study between the months of October 2018 to June 2019. The research conducted by BankMyCell factored around 38,000 consumers and also took into consideration the extra data for other smartphone companies offering loyalty points to these phones. Based on the results, the iPhone supposedly had the lowest number of loyalty points, it’s absolute lowest since 2011, as compared to other smartphones. When questioned, Apple commented that it had strategies to review the prices of iPhone and ultimately increase sales.

The study also showed that consumer loyalty towards Samsung was much higher than Apple. Only around 7.7% of Samsung Galaxy S9 users traded their devices for an iPhone while 92.3% did not switch to the iOS operating system. On the other hand, more than 25% of iPhone X users traded in their device for other Android smartphones.

These figures, although, are just a trend that portrays the bigger picture of consumer loyalty of both Apple and other smartphone brands, particularly Samsung. It’s important to note that the findings are derived from BankMyCell users, and are not based on the actual sales of retail stores. 


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