Online video sharing platform YouTube can be a ruthless place for content creators targeted by ‘dislike mobs’. And the site owners totally understand that this problem needs to be looked into.

Content creators have spoken about being at the receiving end of such unruly bunches of people in the past but look like the negative feedback which the company got on its recent Rewind video finally shook them out of their deep sleep and got them thinking about ways to tackle the issue of dislike mobs.

In a recent issue of Creator Insider, YouTube’s corporate series for creators, Tom Leung, Project Development Manager, revealed that his team is working on ways to prevent the misuse of dislike or the thumbs down option. While talking about the various options that they are currently considering, he also invited feedback and suggestions on the topic.

YouTube ‘Dislike Mobs’: The Most Damaging


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Though YouTube is not making any changes immediately, we do hope the project team takes effective measures to shut out trolls and dislike mobs eventually.

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