Is The Acquisition Of GitHub A Sign That Microsoft Is Finally Returning To Its Roots?


It’s been a few days now since the sensational news about the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) broke. The move has divided opinion heavily across Wall Street, software developers and the technology sector. There are a lot of concerns regarding the financial viability of GitHub as a business, as well as Microsoft’s future intentions for the platform itself.

However, while these discussions rage, this move by Microsoft makes one thing very clear – Microsoft, as a company, is fundamentally changing their course. The acquisition of a company like GitHub is highly indicative of a change in strategy by the technology giant, one which could have significant consequences for those involved, as well as the entire technology industry itself in the future. Let us have a closer look at the deal, and attempt to address various questions many people are scratching their head for:

  • What is GitHub, and what are the specific details surrounding the deal?
  • What do Microsoft and GitHub stand to gain from this acquisition?
  • What does this deal tell us about Microsoft’s long-term strategy?
  • How does this deal affect the rest of the industry?

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