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It has been quite some time since people have entrusted to Google (Alphant Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL)) for legitimate information and when it comes to news, good journalism is worth paying for. The Internet giant, on Tuesday in New York, has launched a $300 million Google News initiative for the sole purpose of elevating quality journalism on the internet.

Subscribing to premium news site has always been an onerous task. People are comparatively less excited about filling in web forms and doing tedious logins than reading the news. Recently Google has eliminated this hassle of subscribing to premium news services.

Philipp Schindler, Chief Business Officer at Google, said, “A great search engine by its definition depends on access to the open web…. The last thing you want to see is a search engine that is not delivering quality content and is quickly becoming a race to the bottom”

After all, our mission to build a more informed world is inherently tied to the reporting of journalists and news organizations “, he added.

The tool Subscribe with Google will make subscribing to premium content easier than ever. Google has decided to collaborate with news publishers from different industries to make subscriptions dead-simple and also provide accurate information. Subscribe with Google will allow you to buy a subscription to different news sites using your Google Account.

Google has also focused on solving the problem of proliferating ‘fake news‘ and made efforts in tackling misinformation during breaking news situations. Supposedly this step will strengthen the quality of journalism and prevent people from getting exposed to the inaccurate content. It has been observed that, as of February 2018, Google handles 91.65% of the worlds internet searches, and it is increasingly emphasizing on a single answer for multiple questions.

Also, Google may be deliberately trying to bring the top news publishers and organizations on-board which will give the latter better opportunity to expand beyond their digital advertising revenue. The company said in its blog post that it gave $12.6 billion to its news partners and drove 10 billion clicks a month to their websites for free last year.

The initial launch partners include – Fairfax Media, the Financial Times, The New YorK Times, the Telegraph, and The Washington Post among 17 other partners.

The company also launched an open source tool yesterday called Outline. It will let news organisations provide more secure access to the internet for journalists.

The company is in the early stages of testing a “Propensity to Subscribe” signal using its AI which will help the publishers in recognizing potential consumers who might be willing to pay for the subscription.

Moreover, this initiative will make the publishers capable of structuring their data in a better way which can help platforms like Google easily recognize quality content. “Subscribe with Google” will accommodate both user and publisher benefits. The feature aims to create a convenient and friction-less way to bring in new subscribers.

This launch will allow the publishers to diversify their revenue streams beyond advertising, increase their subscribers base, and achieve financial sustainability. With this initiative, Google is considering a wider perspective to help journalism thrive in today’s digital world.

Now the top publications involved with this launch can charge us for their content quickly and easily via Google. Yet, the sound of ‘Google’ makes it so much credible.

Google is also reported to launch ‘Disinfo Lab’ alongside the ‘First Draft‘ to monitor and counter misleading, fake and false information and breaking news moments. It has teamed up with established institutes like Stanford University, Poynter Institute and Local Media Association to launch Media Wise, a project aimed at improving digital information literacy for youth.


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