The New Feature of Google Flights Helps You Book Cheapest Flight Tickets

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Before you give wings to your thought on Google Flights, get it straight; no sure shot formula or system can tell you when to book flight tickets with cheapest fares. However, by banking upon its algorithm and nearly a two decade of experience in data analysis, Google has taken a step further to help travellers find the possible cheapest fares for flights. Google Flights will have an alert feature that will notify you when fares of flights on your desired route are expected to go up.

The new feature on Google Flights is powered by historical data, predictive analysis and data science, something Google has been playing with for nearly 20 years. Google Flights will tell how exactly how much will you save before the current price expires. In case if you are one of those who is flexible enough with their travel dates and makes their plans based on dates, you can keep an eye on increasing fares of flights by making use of new email notification feature.

It looks like Google is eyeing to become a travel planner in your neighbourhood that can help you plan an end to end trip. Last month Google launched a new Trip app that could help you make your local itinerary once you arrive at your destination. Though it’s nothing new but a rehash version of Google Map, it’s more organised and seamlessly integrated information. Therefore, from Flights to Trips to Maps, Google is apparently trying to be your best-informed travel guide who knows anything and everything and help you organise your travel in the most economical manner.

Google Is Exploring Additional Business Avenues

For the last couple of years, Google has been exploring sources of growth, beyond internet search engine. The growing competition from Facebook and Apple has made Google think beyond advertising revenue. As the buying power of people in developing countries, likes of India is becoming stronger, the travel and tourism industry is benefited the most. The total contribution of travel and tourism industry to the Global economy has been increased from $6 trillion in 2006 to $7.17 trillion in 2015.

Sensing a big business opportunity many private players have ventured into the market and offering many sophisticated and advanced tools to travellers to make their experience more memorable. And to make the offerings more appealing, many players have started offering end to end service to travellers, which includes Drop/Pickup to Airport, Flight bookings, local activities and much more.

The timing of introducing the new feature to Google Flights couldn’t be better as the holiday season is around the corner. People around the world will soon hit the Internet to find the best holiday destination in an economical way. Saving few hundreds of dollars on flight fares will sure help them to make their travel experience more memorable.


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