Could RIM Regain Its Market Share Even After Dismal Earnings In Q4?

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Once upon a time, RIM was considered as one of the best innovative company across the world and its BBM services had provided a new definition for email/messaging on the handset devices. But now, the time has been changed, Apple and Google has swallowed up a vast market share of the company across the world. It’s the negligence of RIM that it had not focused on a proper development ecosystem what actually the folks like. RIM seems a little bit late to launch its BlackBerry apps store–while Apple has recently announced to surpassed 25 billion downloads through its “App Store”. Apple’s PlayBook was not so impressive to lure a vast number of folks worldwide, thanks to its low-price, however , succeeded to attract users. Till a year before, the company made its successes across the world by its impressive hardware designs and services, and we can not ignore that numbers of professionals and businesses are still relying on RIM’s platform.

Yesterday, the company unveiled its Q4 earnings report, which depicted a disappointing sales of PlayBook and BlackBerry.  Company’s revenue dropped to $4.2 billion in Q4 ending with March this year, down 19% from the Q3 in the same fiscal year. It’s the first earnings report of the company in Thorsten Heins helm.

I don’t care whatever the  platform it would be but it should be reliable and fulfill once need. The IT executives of the company should have a sound knowledge of the trends what the majority is demanding. At present, RIM is little behind the trend, and it’s the right time for the company to launch BlackBerry 10 devices if it really wants to regain its market share worldwide.

In terms of innovation, RIM is currently lacking behind Apple and Google, they are presently working on numbers of  different projects. It’s not possible for RIM to rule both consumer as well as enterprise market together. It’s quite obvious that if you are launching an innovative and trendy product, then definitely, it will outburst the market.

One thing more, RIM should accept the fact that the number of apps make impression on the folks mind what Apple and Google are presently doing. Like Microsoft, RIM is also hardcore about its core features instead to focusing on cloud services or music services or eBooks that Apple and Google are presently providing.

It’s hard to say that RIM’s stock price is at the lowest point in nine years, and this time, the company needs to articulate an effective strategy to lead the world. I think, the company is potentially viable to contend Apple and Google in the battlefield. Anyway, we might expect a wonder from its BlackBerry 10 OS, besides this, the company’s strategy to disseminate its business in emerging markets of Asia is quite trust-worthy.


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