E-Business to Surge in India: 237 Million Internet Users by 2015 [Report]

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India is moving towards phenomenon growth in Internet arena. As per the latest report by Boston consulting Group, Internet penetration rate in India will increase to 19% against current 7%. Therefore, Indian will have 237 Million Internet users by 2015. The current stats shows that currently India is leveraging on 81 Million Internet users which will increase by 3 folds in next 5 years.

Report also claims some shocking facts which Indian Web industry will witness in coming few years. As per the report, most of the users will be fascinated towards the ‘Web services’ instead of real ‘Web’ and mobile will be a major source of Internet. Currently only 1% of mobile users in India access the Internet through their mobile phones which will see a major shift in next coming years.

“India is going to be different from what we have seen in mature markets but also in emerging markets. It’s going to be predominantly a mobile experience,” Arvind Subramanian, managing director, BCG Mumbai and one of the authors of the report, has said. “The traditional internet in its current form would be largely inaccessible even if it were to be available.”

Indian mobile market is going through various challenges and changes these days. Users are getting more and more benefits from Telecom providers. Charges of Call, GPRS and SMS is going down day by day. Therefore, the acceptance of Internet over mobile is on high by users in India. However, a major revamp is yet to come with active launch of 3G services in India, expected to be up and running by end of year. With all such dramatic revolution, Mobile Internet service will grow with massive speed among the users.

As per the report, a consistent majority of India’s online population uses entertainment or communication oriented functions, such as instant messaging (62%), online music (60%), news (61%) and video (53%). India also has one of the highest rate of growth for Internet gaming industry as 53% among all BRICI countries, following to China 55%.

According to Arvind Subramanian, Indians are likely to take to services that enhance personal productivity, such as job alerts or continuing education. About 73 per cent of people who go online in India spend time job hunting, the research showed. “The other thing that’s big there is matrimonial which is a very unique Indian thing,” Subramanian has added.

Rediff.com is one of the most popular site in India for local contents, such as news and movie reviews, and it used to be common for email service. Naukri.com has been one of the most visited job hunting site since 1997. However there are many international sites with specific content which is gains similar popularity like cricinfo.com and shaadi.com


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