Paul, The Octopus, on Your Mobile Now

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Do you still remember “Paul” ? No, No I am not talking about any general human being. I am talking about a genius, future predictor who is in highest demand these days and getting extreme attention across the globe for his 100% FIFA world Cup football predictions. Since it was Paul who announced the FIFA champion in advance, now he is available on your mobile handsets.

By an unconfirmed report, Paul has got place with all iPhone by an iOS app. Application called “Ask the Paul”, developed by uTouchLabs is available at all Apple store for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users. With current version uTouchLabs has kept it preety basic. While starting up that app, you will be asked to enter 2 things ( you can wish for ) which you want to compare ( like Salad or Soup, Veg or Non veg : – Your humor can utilize this in better way ) and click submit. On pressing submit button, Paul will drift to the sea floor and select a box – similar move as Paul predicted in FIFA and got 100% accuracy. I am sure you can’t rely and take all decision based on Paul prediction as games can’t have some powers to predict, just like Real Paul, but would be fun to have hands on it.

You wouldn’t call the real Paul’s selections random, though. Surely, he had some reasons for them, but who knows what they were. Whatever his animal methodology, he at least got incredibly lucky, accurately predicting the winners of seven German World Cup matches, then picking Spain as the winner over the Netherlands in the final.


What do you think. was it ignite or just a likeness towards the color of red & yellow ? Do let us know your views in comments.



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