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Apple Awarded Tim Cook A Paycheque Of $15.7 Million Amidst Difficult Times For iPhone

Tim Cook at Apple
Tim Cook is in for a treat. A filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just revealed that the 58-year-old CEO of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has raked in an impressive $15.7 million in 2018. However, the Cupertino giant itself seems to be in muddy waters at the moment. In that pretext, was it wise to award their CEO...

Startups May Rain Leaders of the Future

A drought does not surface overnight; amidst this sizzling heat, even the leadership pipelines have gone dry. Reminds us also of a drought in leadership indeed. India has been the world’s back office for over two decades now. This created loads of delivery managers who were more inclined to delivering what was told to them than anything else; consequently,...

In Spite of Higher Pay Only 19% IT Employees Remain Happy [Report]

Being a part of head over heel technical world a lot of innovations and new products bombard the market round the year, it is imperative to thank those amazing engineering minds for their creations. Technology and innovation dwells in happy minds. Despite, the dissatisfaction among IT Employees at their workplace is on the rise. IT Employees relatively scores less in...

Two Birds, One Stone: The Role Your Job Description Plays in Job Training

When you take on a new employee, you need a good job description. But, many employers treat these as somewhat separate issues - wrong. Here’s the role your job description plays in job training, and how to make the most of it for new hires. The Roles And Responsibilities Of The New Hire A good job description outlines the responsibilities of...

How Social Technologies can Improve Recruiting Process

Today, the employees are not just considered as ‘Worker Bee’. Organizations of all domains and dimensions consider their human resources as critical assets that can deliver value by their ability to think creatively and also by working as a team. Employees are no longer simple task doers, they are active participants who have a say in the strategic framework...

Truth About Job Applicants: 46% Resumes Contain False Information [INFOGRAPHIC]

The job market is becoming tougher day by day and applicants are pushing themselves towards the extreme to make sure of an employment. Such extroverted situation is enforcing applicants to stretch the claims in their résumé falsely.  And, the tradition is much higher in just-passed degree holders who want to ride high quickly by making doctored-resume to meet their...

5 Minutes Guide To Pocket A Job Offer in Social Media Stream [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the new ear of social media 2.0, people are becoming more and more fascinated towards the adoption and impersonation of its advantages and gains. Replicating the same, corporate world is also visualizing the social media stream with a complete different view and as a result career portals are flooded with lots of related openings. But wait…..how do you...

All Day Sitting Is Pushing You for Early Death [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many of us already know the negative impact of sitting for long hours. Though, we take many precautionary measures to overcome such problems, every human body reacts in own way which will far more dangerous anyone can ever imagine. A recent medical journal has revealed that sitting in the same place for more than six hours per day makes...

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