How Social Technologies can Improve Recruiting Process

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Today, the employees are not just considered as ‘Worker Bee’. Organizations of all domains and dimensions consider their human resources as critical assets that can deliver value by their ability to think creatively and also by working as a team. Employees are no longer simple task doers, they are active participants who have a say in the strategic framework of the organization as well.

The blend of enterprise collaboration tools and technologies are essentially the driving force behind these new workplace principles. The changing face of the contemporary organizations and importance of employees makes it necessary for organizations to ensure that they hire the right set of people who can correspond adequately to the organizational culture and values. Since the organizations are now following the notion that they are going to value their respective employees immensely, they are required to ensure that they hire the right people in the first place.

Social Media RecruitmentIt has become evident overtime that enterprise collaboration tool has great value for internal projects and for the ever so required ‘connect’ within the organization. Organizations driving online workplace collaboration are making it big both in terms of their revenue and for the welfare of the organization that they serve.

Still, too many employers believe cloud collaboration is only important for sales, internal projects and customer relationship efforts. But allowing employees to collaborate in the cloud isn’t just a benefit for internal workplace projects — it drives collaboration, creativity and engagement, leading to happier employees, a better company culture and yes, better hires.

Here’s how companies can make best possible use of collaboration tools to improve their hiring and recruiting process in a big way:

  1. Driving Community Behavior

These days’ social media and mobile devices are fostering talent communities that rev up the hiring process and provide access to quality talent and candidates across the globe. Examples of such usage is prevalent by the use of Facebook open groups which hosts large number of discussions, polls, employee’s video resumes, company videos and other information about candidates, their aspirations, perceptions about different organization and hence provides rich insights for the prospective recruiters. Not only does this drive engagement between current employees, it fosters networking to reach both active and passive job candidates.

  1. Reaching out to the Globe in Real Time

Gone are the days when interviews were scheduled and the company had to incur huge costs for setting up the location and providing air fares for the candidates with a pursuit of hiring fresh candidates. Cloud collaboration allows employers to reach job candidates despite their geographical location or time zone.  Today, video resumes and conferencing is enabling companies get access to quality candidates’ right from the comfort of the job seeker’s home and the same also suits the comfort level of the recruiter.

  1. Understanding the Technical level of the Prospective Candidate

The use of collaboration tools helps in understanding the how comfortable a particular candidate is with respect to computers, technology and software etc. as an example, tasking an employee with creation of a video resume can give the employer a fair idea of the candidate’s problem solving approach, personality, how they pay attention to detail etc.

  1. Facilitating Greater Flexibility in the Work System

Telecommuting is on the rise, with 83% of employees reporting they work remotely at least part of the day. Telecommuting options are attractive to job candidates, too — 79% of workers said they’d like to work from home part of the time. All this is possible only via a use of an enterprise collaboration tool. If your company allows this type of flexibility, you’ll be positioned as a much more attractive organization to work for.

  1. Boosting Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction

Enterprise collaboration software not only helps in making your organization more efficient, it also boosts employee satisfaction and happiness. The increased satisfaction levels leads to loyal internal customers and also higher motivation and productivity overall. One cannot think about any other exemplary organization than Google which is best known for their workplace perks and employee focused culture. It is completely understandable that your organization might not be in a position yet to afford a gym or other state of the art relaxation activities for your employees, but providing them with an enterprise collaboration tool can have the same positive effect as far as engagement, flexibility, culture, team-work etc is concerned.

  1. Feedback to the Job Seekers

One of the worst practices is not to let know the applicants whether they have been short listed or not following an interview. While lack of time and priority is to be blamed for this, the reason also lies in the fact that there is no fixed system that is being followed. No one likes to wait weeks to hear back from a company after they’ve interviewed. Hiring in the cloud means HR managers and internal recruiters can get instant feedback from each other and share notes more efficiently. This allows for quicker turnaround rates, giving prospective job seekers a better experience with less downtime in between.

As Christian Buckle, the Director of Product Evangelism at Axceler explains in his blog:

Social is about enhancing the user experience
End users are constantly looking for ways to improve their own personal productivity and their team’s by sharing data, links and tools with their peers. Some of this activity happens online, within email and across the systems they use, but much of it happens offline, on the phone or over web meetings, or in the lunchroom. Social tools provide a conversational layer within your enterprise systems for these interactions. We are social creatures — we gravitate toward these kinds of individual and team connections, therefore the systems we use need to more closely match the ways in which we interact.

Enterprise collaboration tools is not just about project management only, it impacts the culture of the organization and improves all the different domains of an organization virtually including the process of hiring.

Oogwave, an enterprise collaboration platform provides you in drastically improving the engagement within your organization. End the “worker bee” concept, and consider cloud collaboration efforts to boost your hiring strategy and culture.

Start out today free at to bring about a change in all your organization departments including the ever so important Human Resource Department.


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