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Facebook Earnings Q2 2018: Highlights

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018
The DGraph represents the Facebook earnings in Q2 2018, which includes revenue from advertising, payments & other fees, total costs & expenses, income from operations, and total net income. In Q2 2018, Facebook's total revenue clocked $13.2 billion, worldwide. Interestingly, nearly 98.51% of that came from advertising. The company's advertising revenue has seen a remarkable 42.27% YoY growth.Mobile plays a biggest...

Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region

Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region (2)
 The above DGraph represents the growth of Facebook advertising revenue by user geography. In Q3 2018, Facebook advertising revenue clocked over $13.7 billion, a significant 33% YoY growth.Europe, despite the fact that it is smaller than Asia-Pacific in terms of user-base, brought in more revenue from Facebook's advertising business. The region contributed $3.26 billion in Facebook's ads revenue, compared...

Brand Advertisers Invested A Whopping $5.6 Billion On YouTube In 2013! YouTube Grabs 1.7% Share Of All Global Digital Ad Revenues! [STUDY]

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) owned YouTube, is growing steadily Y-O-Y in terms of revenue and monthly unique visitors. YouTube hosts more than 3 billion monthly search queries and has over 1 million unique monthly visitors. Information seekers across the globe are increasingly browsing for video content due to better depiction of required information through video footage. According to a study...

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