With today’s rising internet usage, especially in the countries like U.S, India and Brazil, it is a curiosity to find out the further usage and expansion of internet worldwide. There are over 239 million internet accessing users worldwide which is 75.6% of world total population and it is expected to increase up 3.1%.

Mobile Internet:
  • 40% of internet users access social media through their mobiles.
  • It is expected that there would be 113.9 million mobile internet users and 106.7 million smartphone users by the end of this year.
  • There would be 54.8 million tablet users in 2012 and 41.9 million iPad users this year.
Social Media:
  • About 8.2% increase is expected from 132.5 million users, up 143.4 million users on Facebook this year.
  • Nearly a quarter part of time will be spent on social networking sites and blogs of the total online time spent in America.
  • Females users based on the number of users, will continue to dominate social media.
  • 51.2 million users will watch videos using their smartphone.
  • Men will continue to be the heaviest online video users.
  • Over 60 million gamer will play online.
  • Of all downloaded app, gaming app like Angry Bird, Cut The Rope, Ninja will be downloaded.
  • The online buyers will reach 154.6 million users in 2012.
  • 36% use internet for cloths, 32 for airplane tickets, 27% for electronic equipment and 26% for travel reservations.

Here is an Infographic about the probable internet usage of this year by Slots of Vegas


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