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Facebook Inc. (FB) Alone Generates 20% Of Total Social Referral Traffic To Websites

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The supremacy of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) over all other social networks is unquestioned, as the social giant continues to drive nearly 5X more traffic to websites across the world than any other social site worth a mention, as disclosed by Shareaholic in its Q3 2014 Social Media Traffic Report.Shareaholic studied the referral traffic from eight leading networks over a four...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Is Generating 21% Of Your Total Site Traffic [Report]

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) could be witnessing a slow down in increasing number of users month-over-month but in contrast the site’s referral traffic is improving. In March this year the online social media giant has been found responsible for sending one out of every five visits to websites, which is 37.65% higher than the Facebook referral traffic recorded in December...

Social Referral Traffic Up By 110% Whereas Organic Search Traffic Ceases By 6%! [STUDY]

Driving robust traffic to a brand's website is one of the prime objectives of any ad campaigns or promotional event run by marketers on various networks, if consumers or fan followers visit brand websites after viewing the ads and engage in some form, half the success is achieved. Website traffic can come via social media referrals, organic search, direct...

Web Browser Market 2013: Chrome Is Users’ Favourite With 34% Share [STUDY]

More than one-third of world population is online; this has ignited the fight in web browser market in 2013 between internet giants such as Google, Firefox, Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft's Internet Explorer, a leader in world-wide browser usage during late 90s, is outplayed by Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox. According to the recent report from Shareaholic - which tracked...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Mobile Referral Traffic Rate Spikes Up By Whooping 253%! Online Brands Must Adopt Mobile First Strategy! [REPORT]

Go-mobile era and dominance of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) in social media front has paved a way for large number of Facebook mobile users. This has indeed led to increase in referral rate to website of brands/firms through 'Facebook on mobile'. According to a report by shareaholic, which studied 200,000 publishers who reach more than 250 Million users every month,...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Must Be The First Choice Of Social Marketers: Generates More Than 10% of Referral Traffic To Websites [REPORT]

Increasing website traffic is an indirect sign of growth of any online company or brand. Referral traffic is most valued as it sends interested readers and qualified potential customers to your site and helps in boosting SEO ranking. Therefore, conversion rate in referral traffic is higher than direct and search generated traffic. Social media sites play a massive role in driving...

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