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Segmented Push Notification on Apps Has Higher Engagement Rate [REPORT]

push notification on apps
One of the most important tasks for an app marketer is to ensure that users are actively engaging with the app. To create more engagement, app marketers are now turning towards Push Notifications, which provide higher click-through and conversion rates. Most importantly, customers are all game for push notifications. According to a report by Localytics, 75% of the push...

With Just 1% Market Share iPhone 6 Plus Beats iPhone 6 In User Engagement

Though Tim Cook, CEO - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), has given numerous interviews but one is remembered for a  remarkable statement-"Anything can change. The smartphone revolution is still in the early stages." Little did he know that his statement beautifully summarized the revolution Apple's iPhone series has brought. Since the inception of the iPhone in the market, Apple has literally...

With 34% More In-App Time, Large Screen Devices Lure App Developers !

Till last year, the subjects of concern in the smartphone industry were the improvements in the available features, performance benchmarking, competition with the OEMs and the rise of homegrown vendors. Though these continue to exist, rather have become dominating concerns, there is an addition to the list. Rise of the market of large screen devices! As per the latest reports...

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