Friday, January 18, 2019
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What Happened to Mark Zuckerberg’s Much Talked Vision of Global Internet?

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It's been five years since Mark Zuckerberg initiated his dauntless and seemingly no-win vision of the Global Internet. As of now, it doesn't look like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) mooring the plan, and hence is resorting to surmise its ambition. Facebook was aforethought to ensure that everybody can hop online.Intended as a call for action, the 10-page white paper revealed strategies of...

The Free Fall And Demise of Facebook’s Free Basics in India: The Complete Story

If one wants to look at how not to rile up a country and get downgraded from almost a rockstar level status to a loathed one, the Facebook saga is the prime example of it.It is a story of how arrogance and persistence could lead to a downfall of prestige. One should not burn one’s own pastures as did...

Facebook, Free Basics, TRAI and India: Why Are Mark And Marc Immensely Disappointed ?

With Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) emerging as a fierce competitor and acquiring a number of ventures, the confidence of this social network giant has reached its zenith. However, when TRAI disappointed the minds at Menlo Park two days back, the internet was taken over by a storm- some jubilant at the brave decision taken by TRAI and some, like Mark...

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