Ashvini Saxena

The Free Fall And Demise of Facebook’s Free Basics in India: The Complete Story

If one wants to look at how not to rile up a country and get downgraded from almost a rockstar level status to a loathed one, the Facebook saga is the prime example of it. It is a story of...

Are Startups Across The World Moving Into Bubble Valuations ?

It is hard not to be baffled by the breath – taking investments happening in startups across the world. The amount of money raised by startups, that are barely a few years old, is surpassing even the revenues of...

Mark Zuckerberg More Concerned About Internet.Org Success Than Net Neutrality

Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a small article on his own company Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), explaining how and why is a great platform for websites. Before I write further, try accessing and you may find it amusing that the website...

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Ashvini is a blogging enthusiast, entrepreneur and technology developer. He has over 14 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. He loves to interact with similar-minded folks on technology. He also has an interest in learning new web technologies and apply them to create innovative solutions.
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Apple Outshines Samsung in Smartphone Exports from India with Record Shipments

An increasing number of Made-in-India smartphones are finding their way to international markets, marking a significant shift in the...
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