Ashvini Saxena

The Free Fall And Demise of Facebook’s Free Basics in India: The Complete Story

If one wants to look at how not to rile up a country and get downgraded from almost a rockstar level status to a loathed one, the Facebook saga is the prime example of it. It is a story of...

Are Startups Across The World Moving Into Bubble Valuations ?

It is hard not to be baffled by the breath – taking investments happening in startups across the world. The amount of money raised by startups, that are barely a few years old, is surpassing even the revenues of...

Mark Zuckerberg More Concerned About Internet.Org Success Than Net Neutrality

Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a small article on his own company Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), explaining how and why is a great platform for websites. Before I write further, try accessing and you may find it amusing that the website...

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Ashvini is a blogging enthusiast, entrepreneur and technology developer. He has over 14 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. He loves to interact with similar-minded folks on technology. He also has an interest in learning new web technologies and apply them to create innovative solutions.
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Twitter Acquisition: Elon Musk is committed to the deal, but not to the deal size

The Twitter acquisition saga is becoming more interesting with each passing day as Elon Musk is not shying away...
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