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Why Does Google Reject Thousands Of Resumes Automatically Every Week?

why google rejects resumes
Getting hired in Google, in all over sounds amazing given the alluring pay and being immensely adept in one to many skills, but it can be one hell of a daunting process. As told in the words of Laszlo Bock, former Senior Vice President of People Operation for Google, "good grades don't hurt", but for Google "GPAs and test...

Yahoo! – AOL to Cut 2100 More Jobs As Acquisition of Yahoo! By Verizon is Completed

yahoo jobs cut
Bad news for internet giant Yahoo! shows no sign of stopping as it was announced that they would be cutting 15% of their 14,000 personnel workforce across Yahoo and AOL globally. This amounts to as many as 2,100 jobs in total. Yahoo! will be merged with Verizon’s AOL unit and renamed "Oath". This comes after approval of $4.48 billion acquisition of Yahoo's...

Hiring Trends In India: FMCG Industry Beats IT; Marketing Pros High In Demand [STUDY]

hiring trends in india
The employment scenario in India is changing with rapid pace and the latest study from India's leading job portal, Naukri.com highlights the hiring trends in India that help us to understand the growth of various industries and the roaring demand for different skill sets. According to the study, titled "Hiring Activity in India 2016", hiring activities in India grew...

Employees And Perks: Flexible Time To Work is the Most Desirable [STUDY]

employee perks
Gone are days when employees consider the pay cheque as the only factor to remain intact with their employers. In one of our earlier studies on Employee Satisfaction, we had highlighted that only 22% of employees are extremely happy despite having high pay and the percentage in IT companies is even more disappointing. Consequently, companies, these days, consider many other factors to...

52% Employers Scan Candidates’ Social Media Profile Before Interview [REPORT]

Things Employers Check While Reviewing Candidate Online
Social Media is developing into a virtual world of a kind that reflects our own real life image digitally on the web for the world to observe, review and interact. With such an influence of social media in our lives, many employers around the globe are relying on these social media channels to review the candidate’s profile before screening...

69% Recruiters Predict A Higher Level Of Competition In The Job Market In 2015 [STUDY]

ywhyemployees leave
Social networking sites were, initially, introduced for people to connect with friends and families. But nowadays, apart from serving as the biggest platform for e-commerce to flourish, they are also turning out as one of the biggest platforms for job seekers and recruiters, both. Over the last two years, social networking sites like LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE:LNKD), Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter...

1.5 Million Engineers Pass Out In India Every Year, Fewer Getting Hired [Trends]

Engineers In India
Engineering colleges have been springing up like wild mushrooms in India in the last few years. Their number has gone up from a not too modest 1,511 colleges in 2006-07 to an astoundingly high 3,345 in 2014-15. The state of Andhra Pradesh alone has more than 700 colleges. If these figures are anything to go by, it would be...

Here Is The Top Most Reason Why People Want to Work (And Die) In Google!

It's a dream of the graduates and the employees of other firms, to be a part of Google and they are trying their best to do so; especially with benefits like travel insurance, comprehensive health care coverage, reimbursement for classes or degree programs etc. And now, Google is moving a step further, providing the afterlife benefits to its employees.Google will provide...

What Employers See In Social Media – And Probably At Your Account [Infographic]

As humans are social animals and excessively busy with their work space, It is going to become mandatory to follow at least one Social site. People would interact more online rather in person. Even those people who don’t even have proper user accounts would create one due to the Social media chain reaction. Now-a –days, the biggest faces of...

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