Hiring Trends In India: FMCG Industry Beats IT; Marketing Pros High In Demand [STUDY]

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The employment scenario in India is changing with rapid pace and the latest study from India’s leading job portal, Naukri.com highlights the hiring trends in India that help us to understand the growth of various industries and the roaring demand for different skill sets. According to the study, titled “Hiring Activity in India 2016“, hiring activities in India grew by 18% between February 2015 and February 2016. The job portal has recorded 1,937 new job postings in the month of February 2016, the highest in the last one year. The figures are good enough to create positive vibes among job seekers in India as positive growth is a sign of strengthening economic scenario which is directly proportionate to increasing employment opportunities and better payout.

Job Opportunities in India By Industry

Naukri.com further drills down the data to find the growth opportunity by industry wise. With 29%, growth FMGC industry created a maximum number of new job opportunities in 2015, followed by IT-software and Insurance with 28%. Pharma and Biotech sectors lagged behind with 12% growth in hiring activities. Automobile and Telecom sectors were the late-runners in the race of hiring trends with 7% and 6% growth, respectively.

While most of IT arms recorded positive growth in hiring activities, IT- Hardware industry faced a major setback due to rising demand of laptops, branded PCs and online sales. The hiring activities were down by 22% in 2015 compared to the previous year. As the average cost of a laptop has declined by 40% in 2015, most of the PC users and companies prefer buying laptops instead of Desktops PCs that require regular maintenance and upgrade. Besides, the maturing eCommerce market in India has reduced the need for sales professionals at bricks and mortar stores. Such development has apparently impacted the IT-Hardware industry the most and, consequently, the industry didn’t create enough of new job opportunities.

The IT-Hardware industry was not the sole industry that faced the heat, Construction, Oil & Gas and Banking were the other major sectors that disappointed job seekers. Banking Industry in India went into damage-control mode due to multiple bad debts surfaced in 2015. As a result, the hiring activities were down by 5% in the last one year.

The Demand for Top Management Professionals Soaring

The data is also analysed to understand the growing demand for various skills sets. Top-management professionals are high in demand claims the study. The impressive growth of 51% in the demand for top management professionals could be driven by the flourishing startup scenario in India. As the investors are injecting more funds into startups to fuel their operations, funded startups are on the hiring spree.


Interestingly, despite IT-industry recording the greatest percentage of growth, the demands of core tech professionals falls behind many other functional areas. The demand for IT professionals went up by only 15% in 2015 while Marketing and Account professionals remain in great demand as companies created 39% and 27% respectively new jobs for the said professionals in 2015. As the Banking industry faced a setback and hiring activities were down, the banking professionals failed to keep pace with the growth rate of others. It is just recorded 15% growth throughout the previous year.

Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore Are Most Favorite

The study also highlights the growing employment opportunities by city wise. While companies in Metros and major cities are always on hiring spree, its Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore where the demand of professionals are much higher than any other city in the country. Between February 2015 and 2016, the hiring activities in India’s financial capital Mumbai went up by 24%, while Delhi and Bangalore followed closely with 23% and 22% growth respectively.

job opportunities in india by city 2016

But it was Kolkatta, the city of joy, that surprised many. The city, largely known for its rich culture and literature skill sets beat tech-dominated Hyderabad and Chennai. With 21% growth, the cultural capital of India created more number of employment opportunities in 2015 to become the fourth largest city by the percentage of growth in hiring trend.

Fresh Blood is at Target

In any company freshers and professionals with less than two years of experience stake up the majority share of total employees and the data from the study also highlights the similar trends. In 2015, one-fourth of total new job opportunities posted on Naukri.com was for freshers and professionals having less than 3 years of working experience. Only 13% of total opportunities were meant for top management and C-level professionals.


The study is based on job index calculated monthly on the basis of job listings with Naukri.com. The data shows gradual increase or decrease in the job index. Naukari.com is being accessed by 48,000 clients and it is considered to be one of the most reliable sources in terms of report analysis. The index released by Naukari.com reveals a comprehensive view of employment opportunities in Indian. The findings are not only focused on hiring trends in different sectors in the country but it also encourages job movement on site. It will help people to have a clear insight of places in India having better opportunities. The report is essential for ever dextrous mass who is working in different private sectors of India to analyse and take informed decisions.

Nauari.com, India’s leading job portal, was started in 1997 by Sanjeev Bikhchandani, an astute personality of India. 44 million people of India are registered with the portal and on an average of 11,000 resumes were added daily by the end of 2015.


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