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Google Inc Could Unveil Its Secret Phone X In Early August: Image Leaked

While Samsung is busy placing its smartphone and phablet variants at almost every quarter-inch screen size, a new leaked image from rumour mills claim that Google Inc (GOOG) secret Phone X could be unveiled as early as first week of August this year.The phone, purported as “Motorola X”, is a joint effort by Google and its recent acquisition Motorola...

Motorola X Phone, iPhone 6 And Samsung Galaxy S4 To Boost Global Mobile Data Service Revenue

Apple iPhone 6
iPhone 6, the sixth generation iPhone, is expected to debut before the end of this year. You might have astonished after listening whether Apple would launch its iPhone 6 or not. Yes, the main reason for whole dilemma is that the Cupertino based company is speculated to launch its iPhone 5S in its annual developers conference in June this...

Confirmed: Google “X Phone” Is Taking Shape Secretly – Motorola To Recruit ‘Sr. Director’ !

After lots of rumors, speculations and guesses, apparently, it’s confirmed that "Google X Phone" is taking shape secretly in association with Motorola, to beat the constant growing challenges and possible upcoming competition. A recent job posting for a “Sr Director Product Management” for Motorola at LinkedIn clearly portraits what’s cooking inside Motorola (and Google).It's not the first time when rumors...

Google Is Secretly Working On Several Projects To Create A Strong Mobile Ecosystem Around !!

Last year, Google’s purchase of Motorola was considered as a one of the controversial moves. However, the intention of Google was quite clear. The search giant acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion to create a strong integrated hardware and software ecosystem around, which could be a big threat for its rival - Samsung. Recently, Google's chief executive--Larry Page-- told to...

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