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How To Create A Top Notch Website In The Fast Changing World of Internet

create top notch website
When you’re setting out as a business owner, your online presence is going to be an important part of growing your customer base. This usually means having a website for your store or services. However, the website itself needs to be a reflection of your business while simultaneously being appealing to the average web user, which may seem difficult...

Internet Reaches 1 Billion Websites: The Future Of Web Design

total number of websites 2015
The number of total websites worldwide is about to hit 1 billion figure - 995 million as of today - in the next few days. With the growing number of online presence brands and individuals are trying to influence the internet users with more intuitive and appealing designs of their website. However, in just the past 10 years, web design and...

How Enterprises Can Ensure High Availability, Rapidly Respond to Threats & Prevent Website Downtime

enterprise security
It’s a no-brainer; website downtimes have to be prevented to avoid losses, not just in terms of revenues but also to avoid disappointing or irritating current and potential customers. That’s why it’s very important to maintain a highly-available infrastructure and to incorporate quick response mechanisms to possible online threats.In building such an infrastructure, an enterprise has the option to...

What Do You Love – Ask Google through New Search Portal

Are you a “fan-bout” of Google and live to love Google services, then you must check out the new portal launched by Google that displays the results based on your search query – filtered from the Google universe. The new portal www.wdyl.com (shorten url of “What Do You Love”) asks users to punch in their desired topic or search criteria like...

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The Pros And Cons Of Using A Free VPN

There’s no doubt that most people do not treat online privacy concerns with the urgency they deserve. There are good reasons for this; For...

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