Are you a “fan-bout” of Google and live to love Google services, then you must check out the new portal launched by Google that displays the results based on your search query – filtered from the Google universe. The new portal (shorten url of “What Do You Love”) asks users to punch in their desired topic or search criteria like Social media, smartphone or mobile industry and displays the relative results only from various Google services like Google Products, Google Maps, YouTube, Patent Search or Google News. In a nut shell – search facility within Google universe.

This portal is an enhanced version of intra-search-engine where people can find what Google has in its kitty – overall – related to their taste or rather call it love. Certainly, it’s a very useful tool if you want to see search result, categorically divided into various aspects like books, news, products, mobile or what so ever.

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Many avid Google users will it interesting, especially Google employees, who need to be in-and-out of Google activities most of the time.

However, the official launch is still pending and site does work without “www”. There are many more Google’s services that are still pending to integrate and once it will be done, the search will have its own new set of meaning and fun.

Play with this new baby of Google and let us know how it reacts to your loved ones, compare to traditional Google search.

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