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Online Videos: The Future of Advertisement Industry

global online video ad industry
The colossal rise of video streaming traffic, has flung open the wide gates of a new era of advertising- Video content advertising. The research and development in this field has highlighted the fact that Online Video advertisement is the order of the day. Internet giants, such as Google and Facebook, are guiding the Ad marketers on how to make their ad campaign...

Top 10 Creative YouTube Ads In 2013! Creativity Can Empower Paid Media! [REPORT]

The undisputed king of video content, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) owned YouTube, has revolutionized the realm of video ads for publishers and viewers across the globe. Brands and YouTube users are on the site spending more than 4 billion hours of video viewing every month, followed by 72 hours of video uploading per minute, as both the activities are not...

YouTube Ranked Top Among Online Video Content Properties With 150.2 Million Unique Viewers

Undoubtedly, online video streaming is increasing with galloping pace day-over-day. Now, a significant number of online video content properties are more focused to generate revenue from these contents.  And that's why, video ads are tremendously augmenting everyday to attract the attention of users. According to a recent report from ComScore, 188 million Internet users in the U.S. watched 37.7...

Google Project Re.Brief: Re-Imagine 4 Of The World’s Best Ads And Legends [Video]

Do you get excited when you see something new, something different? There is always a question in your mind how is it working or how it’s been created ? It remains in your mind until and unless you get the complete control over the information. Here it has been explained the importance of creative thinking in a technical world....

Top 20 Video Ads Of 2011: Creativity Has No Boundaries

Advertisement plays an important role in promoting the products of the companies. In last one year advertisements as well as advertisers have increased dramatically. Recent study by Unruly Media highlights that in last one year advertisements sharing rate has been increased by five folds. The top 20 video ads have generated more than 25 million shares in 2011. Interestingly,...

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