Generative AI

Amazon’s Partnership with Anthropic is Poised to Reshape the AI Landscape

The tech industry is witnessing a remarkable surge of interest in generative artificial intelligence (AI), with major players either investing in established generative AI firms or developing their own consumer-oriented AI products and services. Following in the footsteps of...

Cybercriminals are armed with a new Generative AI tool, and it is extremely concerning!

As generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, gains immense popularity, malicious actors are seizing this opportunity to fuel accelerated cybercrime. SlashNext, an AI phishing detection company, recently discovered a new cybercrime tool named "WormGPT". What makes...
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Depsite Introducing Alluring New Features, It’s an Uphill Battle for WhatsApp Pay in India

Who would've imagined sending money to your friends and family would one day become as effortless as sending a...
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