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Apple iPhones Worth $80 Million Smuggled By Drones

Apple iphone smugglers
Smuggler Drones used by smugglers to smuggle iPhones.Despite how hackneyed it sounds it's exactly what happened in China that left authorities at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stunned. Chinese customs officials busted a group of criminals who used aerial drones to smuggle refurbished iPhones worth US$79.8 million from Hong-Kong to the mainland city of Shenzhen.The criminals used unmanned aerial vehicles to fly...

The Disappointing Growth of Delivery Drone Market By 2020 [REPORT]

drones market forecast 2016 - 2017
Industries around the world are moving towards complete automation. Among all the proposed automation Robots and Drones are seen as the most promising machinery poised to bring the revolution. The rapid growth of drone market in the recent past has proved that both personal and commercial Drones will be instrumental in the industrial growth in future. Almost 3 million units...

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