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Unemployment In India Is Rising Despite Rapid Economic Growth

unemployment in india
India has been bearing witness to a growing economy that has provided a much-needed boost to the industrial sector. This growth in economic and industrial development quite obviously leads to increasing needs for highly-skilled, diversified and educated human resource. However, the recent report depicts a cave-in situation. On the brighter side, there's this growing economy, cushioned under the idea of Indian demographic...

Unemployment in India Grows to A Five-Year High of 5%: Female Unemployment Higher than Male [REPORT]

India has the second highest population in the world at around 1.33 billion. According to a new employment-unemployment (EU) survey conducted by Labour Bureau, the unemployment rate in India has shot up to a five-year high of 5%. Way back in 2009-2010, the unemployment rate was at 9.3 percent, which fell to 3.8 percent in 2011-2012. In 2012-2013 it...

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