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Ransomware Malware Attacks Are Rising On Android And PC At An Alarming Rate [REPORT]

Ransomware malware affect Android and PC
The numbers of personal computer and mobile users who have been bombarded with ransomware malware have skyrocketed in the recent time according to the latest report by Kaspersky. The figures are alarming and the report reveals the increasing penetration of this malicious malware inside the smartphones.What the hell is Ransomware? It’s a malware that sedates the device, locks it,...

Google Inc. (GOOG) Struggles As The Number Of Malicious Apps On Android Rose To 2 Million In Q1 2014: 28% High Risk Apps !

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play Store has always been a major target for fraudsters trying to sell fake applications, but Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Store has now emerged as the newest target. Malware analysts recently exposed the Kaspersky Mobile App on Windows Phone Store as a fake. Unsurprisingly, the same app was available in the Play Store under a new name Kaspersky Antivirus...

Top 5 ‘Must Have’ Apps For Android Antivirus Security!

Recently the malware threat level is sprouting in the Android platform. Hackers are targeting over the Android Platform to steal, earn and even spread Malware. For instance you can take a look back at the 100,000  Android devices in China that were attacked by malware (Trojan).Android market is has been doubled in Q2, 2012 compare to same time in 2011. In Q2 alone,...

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