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The Growing Popularity of Containers Also Indicates The Popular Coding Languages [REPORT]

beneficial aspect of containers
What is the whole brouhaha around server-less computing and containers all about? Well, The quarterly report, titled as Currents, by DigitalOcean seems like providing a wisecrack here!The June 2018 “Currents” report on trends among developers shows a boost up in container adoption. In addition to this, it also underlines the retention drive that developers seek from their jobs and the importance of...

Despite Of Facebook’s Move Away From HTML5, Developers Have Still Belief In The Technology [Survey]

Facebook has always been worried about the monetization of its mobile app/mobile-optimized web page. Facebook's mobile subscriber base is increasing with dizzying pace days-over-days and this time, it really needs to ensure quality mobile experience to users. Previously, the leading social networking giant were using HTML5 to more easily support development across multiple mobile platforms, but in August this...

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