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Google Assistant vs Alexa: The Battle Of 100 Million Devices

Google Assistant vs Alexa
Regardless of the fact that voice assistants have been around for some time, it is only now that the people are truly starting to accept them. Interestingly, despite growth in adoption rate, there are only two major players in this market space - Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. And both of them showing signs of expanding consumer base...

Amazon Could Unveil Eight New Devices At A Mysterious Event Today

Amazon event
Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is generally known for not following the footmarks of Apple, Google and Samsung when it comes to announcing new product lines. This year, however, the company has planned to detour from the conventional way to releasing new products, and that's why there is enough of buzz about the Amazon event scheduled for today.While it is not...

Amazon Losing Its Grip On Smart Speaker Market As Google Registers 709% YoY Growth In Q1 2018: REPORT

smart speaker market Q1 2018
The smart speaker wars are raging as the market is getting more competitive with every passing month.Amazon was the first to start the craze with its Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers but now its grip on the voice-enabled AI speakers market is slipping due to the rise of big shots such as Google and Apple with their own offerings. Besides,...

Microsoft Is Gearing Up To Challenge Apple, Google And Amazon, Once Again

microsoft cortana smart speaker
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is clearly trailing in the smart speaker wars yet it is not failing to make subsequent strides in that realm. The Redmond giant is teaming up with ODM Quanta to create its own Cortana smart speaker, reports German website Winfuture.de. The device is in an early stage of development and will be powered by Snapdragon 212 SoC.A smart...

Amazon Alexa is Hacked, Again; The Security of Users’ Personal Info Is Questioned

amazon alexa hacked
Everybody seems to be smitten by new technological elevations, namely voice-enabled digital devices and virtual assistants. But a recent report manifests how “smart” technology could be shockingly blind to security threats. As per reports, researchers discovered a flaw in Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant that enabled them to eavesdrop on consumers with smart devices – and automatically transcribe every word said, which...

Apple Is Hiring For Siri To Challenge Alexa And Google Assistant

Apple is hiring
First and foremost, the good news - Apple is hiring!We all know that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was the first to start the Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, race with Siri. However, in the last few years other tech giants, especially Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Google (Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL)), have taken a lead by penetrating the market with many other promising...

The Evolution of Google Assistant: Amazon and Apple Might Be Anxious

evolution of Google Assistant
Google Assistant is soon to come up with new routines and deeper integrations with smartphones and wireless carriers. Google (Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL)), apart from hardwiring Assistant directly into the latest Android devices, is also working with other smartphone manufacturers on ways to embed Assistant more elegantly into their devices. Today’s Google Assistant is much more advanced and capable since it...

Amazon Alexa Is All Set to Redefine the App Ecosystem in India

Amazon has announced their plan to expand the Alexa Skills Set (ASK) and Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to India. This will allow developers to build new Alexa "skills" and integrate India specific functionality in Alexa powered smart speakers. This new announcement comes few days after the Amazon officially launched its Alexa powered Echo speakers in India. Now, this new...

Future Belongs to Smart Speakers: Sony, Panasonic, Etc. Out To Challenge Amazon And Google’s Dominance

The IFA consumer electronic show in Berlin is now in full swing, with the highlight of the exhibition thus far being the growing popularity of smart home speakers. After Amazon and Google pioneered this emerging technology, companies like Sony, Panasonic, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, and others are coming up with smart speaker devices of their own.Smart speakers are one of...

Why Launching The Echo Dot Smart Speaker In India Could Pay Off Big Time For Amazon

News has emerged that Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) may be planning to launch its wildly popular Alexa enabled Echo Dot smart speakers in India by the end of 2017. This is an intriguing move by Amazon and could have tangible repercussions for Amazon's hopes to capture a sizable share the Indian market and their attempts to establish dominance in the...

Amazon’s New Echo Show Revolutionizes The Smart Speaker By Making It Visual

Voice-enabled speakers users in the US
"The idea of not having a screen, I don’t think suits many situations" is what Apple's Phil Schiller said when asked about the Google Home and Amazon Alexa in a recent interview. It would seem that Mr Schiller is going to end up quite red-faced over his transparent attempt to trash talk competitors because Amazon has just unveiled their first ever...

Could Amazon’s Alexa Coming To iOS Spell The Beginning Of The End For Siri

Amazon Alexa
Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has announced that they are bringing their AI digital assistant, Alexa to the iOS platform for the first time ever. Amazon declared that users will now be able to access Alexa from inside Amazon's iOS app. This comes on the heels of Amazon also publishing the Alexa companion app for Android devices recently.This, apparently, is a...

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