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Facebook Makes A Smart Move In a Tight Corner to Win Over Ad Blockers

facebook ad preferences
In the ongoing ad blocking war, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is apparently making the right moves to please its users as well as safeguard its revenue arm. But at what cost?Facebook is introducing a new feature in their ad preferences; wherein users can turn off ads whose subject or content might be disruptive or distressing to them. According to AdvertisingAge,...

47% Internet Users Block Ads Due to Slow Browsing Experience [REPORT]

ad blocks internet users
As the Internet grows and evolves, so does the content on it. This evolution of content is brought about not just due to changing the perspective of content creators alone, the consumers as well as the devices they consume it on plays just as big a role. As smartphones eclipse desktops in a number of searches, it is apparent that...

The Rise of Ad Blockers Reveals The Shocking Truth of Internet Ads

ad blockers on rise
As the Internet has evolved through the ages from its initial dial-up days to the modern gigabit networks, one thing has always remained constant. A majority of the content and information on the Internet is freely available for all and sundry to use. But there never truly is anything like a free lunch and today we take a look at...

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