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Smartphone Users In India

Smartphone Users In India 2016 – 2018

 The above DGraph represents the growing number of smartphone users in India and smartphone penetration in India. The number of smartphone users in India is...
India Smartphone Market Share By Vendors (1)

India Smartphone Market Share By Vendors

 The above graph represents the India smartphone market share by top vendors, from Q1 2016 to the most recent quarter. The list of top...
Apple Products Sales Worldwide

Apple Products Sales Worldwide, By Quarter

 The above graph represents Apple products sales worldwide, from fiscal Q3 2007 to the most recent quarter. Apple products include the iPhone, iPad, iPod and...
Apple iPhone Sales Worldwide (2)

Apple iPhone Sales Worldwide, By Fiscal Quarter

 The above graph represents the Apple iPhone sales worldwide from fiscal Q3 2007 to the most recent quarter. Due to the declining sales of iPhones, Apple...
Facebook Daily Active Users Worldwide

Facebook Daily Active Users, Worldwide

The above Dgraph represents the number of Facebook daily active users, from Q1 2011 to the most recent quarter, worldwide.As of Q3 2018, 1.49...
Facebook Earnings Q2 2018

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018: Highlights

The DGraph represents the Facebook earnings in Q2 2018, which includes revenue from advertising, payments & other fees, total costs & expenses, income from...
Facebook Daily Active Users By Region

Facebook Daily Active Users, By Region

 The above Dgraph represents the growth in the number of Facebook daily active users by region, from Q2 2016 to Q3 2018. Overall the number...
Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region (2)

Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region

 The above graph represents the growth of Facebook advertising revenue by region, from Q4 2010 to the most recent quarter. In Q4 2018, Facebook...
facebook ARPU by Region

Facebook ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) by Region

 The above graph represents Facebook ARPU (average revenue per user), by region. In Q1 2019, Facebook has made an average $6.42 in revenue from...
Facebook Monthly Active Users

Facebook Monthly Active Users Worldwide

 The above DGraph represents the growth in the number of Facebook monthly active users (MAUs), worldwide, from Q3 2008 to the most recent quarter....
smartphone shipments in India Q2 2018

India Smartphone Shipments Q2 2018: Samsung Regaining Lost Ground [REPORT]

After being overtaken as the leading smartphone company in India, Samsung has finally managed to strike the right chords and is aiming towards regaining...
instagram long form video

The New Feature of Instagram: A Threat For Facebook, YouTube?

Video consumption on mobile is an all-time high. It is helping to drive the social engagement better than anything else besides garnering more comments and...
skills set for blockchain

India Doesn’t Have Skills Set Required For Blockchain Technology: Study

A recent research conducted by Belong, a hiring solutions Bengaluru based start-up, stated that only one out of every 400 software developers in India...
top 10 most powerful people in tech

World’s Top 10 Most Powerful People In Tech Space 2018: Internet Entrepreneurs Dominate

And yet again Forbes is back with its list of 'The World's Most Powerful People'. Forbes, an American magazine that publishes articles on technology, communications,...
smartphone survey

What Are You Expecting From Your Next Smartphone? [Survey]

Participate in the 1-minute survey and make your preferences heard by the smartphone manufacturers. Also, win Amazon Gift Card worth INR 1,000/-
xiaomi in US UK

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Q4 2017: It’s All About Xiaomi [REPORT]

2017 has been a remarkable year for the smartphone industry. While Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has celebrated its 10th iPhone anniversary by launching the much-awaited...

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