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Happy B’Day, Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales: You Brought World Knowledge To All Through Wikipedia

When Kofi Annan said "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating", we guessed he was referring to Wikipedia. And for all that matters, we wouldn't...

How Wikipedia Zero Could Revolutionize The World, Explains Wikimedia Director [ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

​​While we were awning at faster phones and speedy networks, the largest multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project grew by over 6 registered users and added...

How Wikipedia Murdered 244 Years Old Encyclopedia Britannica? [STUDY]

I think many of us have been reading the books of encyclopedia from our childhood days. There are many who might be still using...

Indian Mobile Industry To Surpass China By Q4 Of 2012 [STUDY]

India has proved itself as one of the most flourishing market for mobile companies. Currently it’s on second spot in terms of number of...

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