Indian Mobile Industry To Surpass China By Q4 Of 2012 [STUDY]

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India has proved itself as one of the most flourishing market for mobile companies. Currently it’s on second spot in terms of number of mobile users and has been regarded as one of the fastest growing telecom market worldwide. with 865 million mobile subscribers, it is just behind China but is expected to surpass China by the end of 2012.

In last one year (March 2010-11) number of mobile users in India has been increased by 227.27 million, averaging 18.94 million users per month. During the same period China has added more than 119.2 million, averaging 9.93 million users per month. If  trend continues in the same fashion, India will surpass China by end of 2012 since. at present, China is having 952 million users which is just 86 million more than Indian users. Also, number of mobile users added per month in India is 18.94 million against 9.93 million from China which is almost double. By analyzing all such trends and figures one can directly procrastinate that India will reach on the top by end of 2012.

with the latest smartphone revolution, India has been reported to have 15 million 3G connection by 2014. Interestingly, India has emerged as the biggest mobile advertising market in 2010 which has sparked the eyes of many global mobile players.

In India telephone was introduced in 1882, but actual growth started from 1960 when first subscriber trunk dialing route was commissioned between Lucknow and Kanpur and from then it kept on getting advanced. With the introduction of Pulse – Code Modulation it climbed one step further in 1975. In 1990 Indian telephone industry witnessed first revolution when two companies namely “Oriental Telephone Company” and “The Anglo-India Company” approached to government of India for establishing telephone – exchanges. However, government refused their proposal by saying that its Government work to establish exchanges. Later in 1995, the first mobile telephone service was started on non-commercial basis in Delhi. Taking in view of private entities entering the market, Indian Government formed Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) which will now looks after all the services.

However, Major E. Baring, in 1882, had declared to open the telephone exchanges in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras and had named Calcutta exchange as “Central Exchange”.

It’s interesting to know that since the inception of TRAI many private telecom operators have debuted in Indian telephone market. The major revolution occurred in 2003 when Reliance introduced its “Dhirubhai Ambani Plan” under which people could buy mobile phones at dirt cheap cost just by paying Rs. 500 only.

Since then, Indian Telecom Industry has gone through various transformation. Currently more than 15 mobile operators are running their businesses in India  which has resulted in intense competition in mobile market. A cut-throat competition has forced operators to lower its call charges besides throwing several offers to woo more customers. It has also been analyzed that current call charges in India is the lowest across the globe.

Hope India will surpass china by 2012. What do you think friends ? Can India maintain the current progression in mobile industry and will surpass china ? Share your views with us in our comment box.

(Data Source – Wikipedia)



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