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Mobile Broadband Download Speed In India Declined In Feb 2018, Global Ranking Improved Though!

india mobile broadband speed Feb 2018
The VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) or simply the 4G LTE technology has penetrated outrageously in India. A large majority of the digital population in India are mobile internet users. According to a report released today, India has upscaled its global rank despite declining mobile broadband download speed.The worldwide rank of India in mobile broadband reached to 109th...

Why Is Reliance Not Selling Jio Phone: Decoding The $4 Billion Game Plan

Reliance Jio Phone offer
After weeks of uncertainty and escalating hype, the Reliance Jio Phone was launched last week amid a lot of fanfare. Touted as a game changer with the ability to completely transform the face of the Indian telecom and smartphone industry, there is undoubtedly a tremendous public interest in this new device.However, it has now been a few days since...

4.6 Billion Estimated VoLTE Subscriptions Worldwide By 2022; APAC to Drive The Adoption [REPORT]

VoLTE subscription APAC Europe America 2017 - 2022
We live in an era of technology defined by convenience, accessibility, and perhaps most of all - mobility. Traditional digital platforms are rapidly being outmoded by more mobile solutions in more portable packages. With the increased proliferation of modern cellular technologies and the smartphone revolution well and truly under way, we see an unprecedented shift towards mobile to satisfy...

Airtel Hits Back At Reliance With Their Own VoLTE Service: Will Jio Face The Warmth?

Airtel VoLTE service
Reports are emerging that India's largest telecom provider, Bharti Airtel, may soon be looking to launch its own VoLTE services in the coming days. This is a long time due for one of the premier network providers in the region and has been a coming for a while now.Whenever the service launches, it would make Airtel the second telecom...

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