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Total Number of Netflix Streaming Subscribers, Globally

Total Netflix Streaming Subscribers, Worldwide
 The above DGraph represents the total number of Netflix streaming subscribers, globally, in each quarter, between 2012 and 2018. The total number of Netflix streaming subscribers in Q4 2018 clocked 148.48 million, adding 11.35 million new users in its fiscal Q4 2018. In the latest year, Netflix streaming subscribers count increased by nearly 30 million users. It was Netflix Streaming subscribers in...

Netflix Quarterly Revenue, Worldwide, Q1 2002 – Q4 2018

Netflix Quarterly Revenue
 The above graph represents Netflix revenue, worldwide, from Q1 2012 to the most recent quarter. Netflix revenue in Q4 2018 reached $4.18 billion, up by 27.42% as compared to the same fiscal quarter in the previous year. Out of the total revenue Netflix generated in Q4 2018, the US accounted for little over $2 billion (DVD + Streaming) and nearly $1.97 billion...

Netflix Mobile Only Subscription Plan: Aims to Boost Susbcriber Base In Asia

Netflix mobile only subscription plan
Netflix has reportedly been testing a subscription plan which is targeted only for mobile users. This Netflix mobile-only subscription plan would cut the membership cost by approximately 50%. However, it will only be valid on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets. For PCs and Laptops, people need to go out and avail the fully paid subscription packages. This mobile-only streaming...

Apple’s Video Streaming Service: From Just $500 Million to $4.4 Billion by 2025

Apple's video streaming service
The era of going to the theatres are long gone. We live in a time when everything is available on demand, at your fingertips. Reed Hastings, CEO - Netflix, certainly thought ahead of the tech curve before giving the world its first on-demand video streaming site. The astounding growth of the company in the last few years has attracted many...

The New Netflix Ultra Subscription Plan Could Spell Bad News For Existing Premium Users!

Netflix Ultra Subscription
After its users in Italy noticed a newly added subscription plan on their screens, the news of Netflix introducing a new section of subscription has become the hot topic for the media enthusiasts.It’s called the ‘Netflix Ultra’.TuttoAndroid reported that Netflix is testing a new subscription plan for its users in European countries, called Netflix Ultra. Priced at €16.99 ($19.88)...

The Growth of Netflix In India Is More Crucial Now Than Ever Before

growth of Netflix in India
After making all the wrong moves in this full-court-press country, Netflix is trying to mend its course, by riding on the back of internet revolution in India.Earlier this year, Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings made claims that his company aims at pocketing the next 100 million subscribers from India. However, dreamy-eyed Hastings didn't gauge the time it might take to achieve this...

5 Million “Zero TV” Households In The U.S., Still Accounting For Nearly 5% Share: [Report]

As technology advances, we could easily feel the shift in trend of TV viewing. Now, number of technology companies such as Apple Inc., Samsung and more are working on their smart TV projects, which are quite different than traditional TVs. On these TVs, viewers can opt and schedule their own programming, and can surf internet flawlessly. Yesterday, Nielsen reported...

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