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Xiaomi Has Sold 100 Million Smartphones In Just 10 Months

Xiaomi smartphone sales 2018
The meteoric rise of Xiaomi in the last few years is far from showing any sign of a slowdown. The world's fourth largest smartphone maker is constantly keeping itself on tows to scale new heights with each passing quarter. This year is no exception. According to the latest announcement made by the company's Chief Lei Jun on his Sina...

Why Has Xiaomi Decided to Bring Down the Curtain On Sales Figures Discloser

The Chines smartphone major Xiaomi is going through a transition phase and, as a result, the company has decided to detour from its previous style of functioning. Among all the new strategies, one that is making heads turn is that Xiaomi would no longer be revealing the sales figures of Smartphones.In a recent email Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, revealed that...

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