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Amazon Increases Investment In India To Strike Back At Walmart

Amazon investment india
On the deck for decades now, Walmart has been striving to pillow its online offerings, in the ever-growing eCommerce sector. The upshot of Walmart’s interest in India is the latest sequel to the erstwhile retailer’s battle with Amazon. However, in a quick retaliation, Amazon's vision to expand globally, strikes payback to Walmart, according to Morgan Stanley.Amazon.com just increased its entire capital...

Unintended Victims of the US Trade War With China: Entrepreneurs and Investors

US trade war with China
The trade war rhetoric between economic juggernauts the U.S. and China are reaching a feverish pitch, with the Chinese lobbying the latest — but certainly not the last — volley by tacking a whopping $50 billion tariff on U.S. imports. Undoubtedly, it’s not a question of if the U.S. will counter-punch, but when, and whether it will be a...

AI Advances Spur Google to Spend $50 Million to Modernize Job Search?

google investing in job search
Google.org, an arm of Internet & Technology giant Google, is extending its aid to the modern job market by helping workers safeguard their jobs, empower people working in lower positions and help job seekers land their dream jobs.According to their blog, Google will be spending $50 million to help people adapt to the "changing nature of work" in today's...

Paytm May Acquire Freecharge After Raising $1.5 Billion From SoftBank

paytm to acquire freecharge
After Flipkart's largest-ever round of funding, other Indian unicorns have apparently set their eyes on raising billions of dollars in their next round of funding. Mobile Wallet platform Paytm, the most aggressive player among all, is reportedly in talks with Japan's SoftBank to raise anything between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion. If the deal goes through, SoftBank will become...

A Big Billion Day for Flipkart: Raises $1.4 Billion To Challenge Amazon

Flipkart funding rounds
The poster boy of Indian eCommerce industry, Flipkart has raised $1.4 billion from some of the tech majors, including Microsoft and Tencent. This is the largest round of funding ever raised by any Indian startup till date. The major highlights of this rounds, besides Microsoft and Chinese major Tencent participation, is the acquisition of eBay India by Flipkart. The...

When Rs. 10 Crore Investment In Paytm Returned Rs. 275 Crore

The startup ecosystem in India has been growing leaps and bounds for the last five years, despite all challenges, criticism and corrections. It is proven once again as the poster boy of digital wallet revolution in India, Paytm, has helped Reliance Capital to pocket 275 crore (approx. US$350 million) aginst their investment of mere Rs. 10 crore ($1.35 million).According to people...

Why Is Warren Buffett Buying Apple After Lifelong Aversion to Technology?

warren buffett buying apple
In May 2016, after nearly a lifelong aversion to technology stocks, Warren Buffett invested $1 billion in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). It was his very first investment in technology space. The development attracted the eyeballs of many as the Oracle of Omaha is being followed by almost every firm and individual interested in finance management or financial investment. It was not...

Why Is Uber Investing $500 Million To Reinvent the Whole Wheel ?

Uber Maps
Uber is reportedly developing its map services and has decided to invest a whopping $500 million in pursuing it. While we can see the move as a step closer to technology advancement Uber has taken, the question arises, has Uber become fanatic? Google already has a matured Map System, which is built over the years, then why is Uber trying to...

Amazon’s $3 Bln Investment In India: A Nail In The Coffin For Struggling Indian Etailers?

amazon investment in india
Two days after the third anniversary of beginning operations in India, Jeff Bezos, the Founder & CEO of Amazon.com, announced his decision to pump in another $3 billion in the Indian market. He made the announcement at a meeting of business leaders on Tuesday with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington while revealing that India is now...

Why is Warren So Keen To “Cook” an “Apple” “Buffet” ?

warren buffett investment in apple
Two recent events related to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) caught my attention over the previous weekend. Berkshire Hathway's large investment in Apple of $1 billion last week made headlines all over the world. It was indeed an iconic moment as Warren Buffett has religiously avoided technology stocks throughout his illustrious career. What could this be attributed to and, more importantly, did...

Apple Invests $1 Bln In Didi Chuxing To Safeguard Its Own Existence

Apple's investment in Didi
Expansion of businesses is the order of the day; the technology honchos are looking for newer avenues other than their own traditional business. The new entrant in the league is Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL). Citing its loss in fiscal Q2 2016, everyone was expecting that Apple will have to do something different to keep its growth intact, and, the iPhone...

Cisco To Invest $100 Million in India To Push Digitisation And Train 250,000 Students

cisco investment india
Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO), an American MNC is an undisputed leader in the field of Networking. Over the period of 30 years, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, the co-founders of Cisco, made it a well-known brand in the Asia-Pacific region, and now the company is making another move to strengthen its presence in the fastest growing market. Cisco with revenue of US...

These Entrepreneurs Built Their Fortune Only After Investors Rejected Them, Again and Again

startup investment
Believe in yourself is the most underestimated quotation of all times. As a startup owner, although, this might just be your mantra. There are several reasons why a startup fail, but there are a million reasons why they succeed. History has been a witness to many famous entrepreneurs, whom we know today as leading men of the tech industry,...

RBI Effectively Lifts All FDI Restrictions, Including Etail & Retail

FDI in India
It came as a surprise to me too - I was sitting with a lawyer friend yesterday and he told me "You guys must be relieved." I wasn't sure what he meant - and he referred to the new RBI regulations passed on November 16, 2015.  (Here they are, if you like: scroll down to Schedule 11, Point 4 if...

Steve Ballmer Buys 4% Stake In Twitter: Boon Or Bane ?

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and the owner of Clippers basketball team has bought 4% stake of the microblogging network Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR). Ballmer tweeted about this from his newly created Twitter account @Steven_Ballmer. The tweet, however, led to suspicion owing to the uncertainty of the account, however, later Twitter verified his new account by...

VC Funding In India Q1 2015: $1.35 Billion Invested Via 69 Tech Deals

VC Funding in India during Q1 2015 had reached new heights as the number of Tech investment deals surpassed China, first time ever. However, investors decided to play safe and investment amount was down by 28.5% compared to the earlier quarter. During the three-month period, ended March 30, 2015, the VC investment in Tech startups in India totaled $1.36...

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