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Flipkart In Dire Straits With Increased Expenses, and Losses Surging Five-Fold!

In what would be the most self-evident scoop on the plate, Singapore-based Flipkart Group has seen a surge in its total revenue, which, fortunately, has increased at a dramatic pace! The revenue of Flipkart Group during FY'18 ending March 2018, increased over 50%, to Rs 30,164 crore. But does that mean Flipkart is all up for a windfall and is...

Mastercard Net Income, by Year

Mastercard Net Income, by Year
 The above graph represents Mastercard net income by year, starting from 2001.Mastercard posted an impressive $5,859 million as net income in 2018. This happens to be to the first instance when the company's net income has surpassed the $5 billion in a year. The record profit came at the time when Mastercard revenue also reached all-time high, $14.95 billion,...

The Curious Case Of Amazon: $800 Bn Valuation, $11.2 Bn Profit And Whopping $0 Tax

Amazon profit and tax 2018
Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is currently valued at $800 billion - the third most valued tech firm, trailing behind only Microsoft and Apple - the two tech behemoths.Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder - Amazon.com, toppled Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, to become the richest person alive on this planet last year.To top it all, in fiscal 2018, the company reported...

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Quarter

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Quarter
 The above graph represents the quarterly revenue of Mastercard. Despite posting an astounding $3,807 million in revenue in fiscal Q4 2018, it is declined by a meagre 2.33% compared to the previous quarter. However, on a YoY basis, Mastercard revenue in fiscal Q4 2018 grew 14.94% from the same quarter a year ago.The quarterly revenue of Mastercard has been steadily...

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Year

Mastercard Revenue, by Fiscal Year
 The above graph represents Mastercard revenue, by year, from 2001 to the most recent year. The revenue of Mastercard has increased swiftly over the years starting from fiscal 2001 to 2018.The fiscal 2018 proved to be a milestone year for Mastercard Inc. (NYSE:MA) in terms of revenue. The company posted $14,950 million in revenue, a considerable increase of 19.62% YoY...

Facebook’s Revenue From China Is A Bolt From The Blue

When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it, said Paulo Coelho.One wonderful example of this is Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) generating between $5 billion and $7 billion in revenue in China - a country where its site does not even operate.Owing to the ban imposed by the Chinese government in 2009, people in...

Facebook Q4 2018 Result: The Eye Popping Highlights

facebook financial result Q4 2018
You may love it, hate it but can't ignore it! And, no other than Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) justifies it better.Despite all the hullabaloo, hue and cry against the world's largest social media platform in that led detail clarification by Mark Zuckerberg recently, internet users stayed glued with it. Facebook Q4 2018 financial result is out and, boy, what a...

Apple Fiscal Q1 2019 Results: It’s All About ‘Decline’

Apple image
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has just announced the first quarter result of fiscal 2019, and it's all about 'decline' and 'drop'. The iPhone maker has always celebrated and cherished the results of its first fiscal quarter every year - the strongest quarter that generated more revenue, profit and higher sales of iPhone. Eventually, that has come to a halt, if...

Netflix Revenue Vs Profit, By Year, Worldwide

Netflix Revenue vs Profit, By Year
 The above DGraph represents Netflix yearly revenue and profit, worldwide, from 2002 to the most recent year. Netflix revenue in fiscal 2018 reached $15.79 billion, registering 35% YoY growth. The net profit of Netflix in fiscal 2018 doubled as compared to the last year. The net profit of Netflix soared to record high reaching $1.21 billion, a jaw-dropping 116% YoY growth in 2018....

Netflix Revenue Vs Profit, By Quarter, Q1 2002 – Q4 2018

Netflix Revenue vs Profit, Worldwide
 The above DGraph represents Netflix revenue and profit, worldwide, from Q1 2012 to the most recent quarter. Netflix revenue in Q4 2018 reached $4.18 billion, up by 27.42% as compared to the same fiscal quarter in the previous year. However, despite the soaring revenue, the profit of Netflix in fiscal Q4 2018 tanked to $133.39 million, a decline of over 28%...

Apple Awarded Tim Cook A Paycheque Of $15.7 Million Amidst Difficult Times For iPhone

Tim Cook at Apple
Tim Cook is in for a treat. A filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just revealed that the 58-year-old CEO of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has raked in an impressive $15.7 million in 2018. However, the Cupertino giant itself seems to be in muddy waters at the moment. In that pretext, was it wise to award their CEO...

Total Number of Netflix Streaming Subscribers, Globally

Total Netflix Streaming Subscribers, Worldwide
 The above DGraph represents the total number of Netflix streaming subscribers, globally, in each quarter, between 2012 and 2018. The total number of Netflix streaming subscribers in Q4 2018 clocked 148.48 million, adding 11.35 million new users in its fiscal Q4 2018. In the latest year, Netflix streaming subscribers count increased by nearly 30 million users. It was Netflix Streaming subscribers in...

As Cyber Frauds in India Banking Sector Amount To Whopping US$13.7 Million RBI To Set Up Tracking Portal

cyber frauds at banks
Digital transactions have been a boon to people everywhere. They have reduced the erstwhile physical exertions involved in bank transactions to a mere tap or mouse click. However, with the increase in ease comes the increase in liabilities. One of these liabilities on the rise in recent times has been cyber frauds at banks. In the year 2017-18, in...

Fewer iPhone Upgrades Force Apple To Cut Down Revenue Estimation For Fiscal Q1 2019

Apple revenue estimation Q1 2019
Looks like Tim Cook is finding it tough to deal with the changing smartphone scenario as Apple is failing to keep its iPhone sales performance as impressive as in the past. In the recent development, Apple has further cut down the company revenue estimation for the first fiscal quarter ended on December 31, 2018. In the recent note released...

Twitter Revenue by Quarter

Twitter Revenue by Quarter
 The above DGraph represents the Twitter revenue by quarter, from Q1 2011 to the most recent quarter. In Q3 2018, Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) generated its highest-ever revenue of $758 million, that's a notable increase of 28.5% YoY.Interestingly, Q4 2015 was the first quarter when Twitter crossed $700 million mark in terms of revenue. However, when it comes to profit, it was...

Facebook Quarterly Revenue, Worldwide

Facebook Quarterly Revenue, Worldwide
 The above DGraph represents the worldwide Facebook quarterly revenue, from Q4 2010 to the most recent quarter.In Q3 2018, Facebook posted a quarterly revenue of $13.7 billion, globally. That's a significant 33% YoY increase. Interestingly, a whopping 98.6% of Facebook's total revenue in the third quarter came through Advertising. However, Facebook quarterly revenue grew a minimal 3.75% compared to the previous...

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