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Apple Inc. To Launch Polycarbonate Designed iPhone Mini At $330 In 2013: 4.5 Inch iPhone6 In 2014

It's really beyond to everyone's imagination why Apple Inc. is so desperate to launch cheaper iPhone (saying iPhone Mini). However, the company has neither officially accepted nor rejected the rumors related to the launch of iPhone Mini so far. Just a month before, Apple CEO--Tim Cook--stated on the creepy product's launch that cheap iPhone wasn't Apple’s religion. A few days...

iPhone Continues To Lose Its Brand Identity: Apple Needs To Come Back With New Smartphone Strategy

Undoubtedly, Apple has created an incredible brand value among users with its strong mobile ecosystem and flawless nature of its products. But this time, the massive popularity of the device seems to be watered down. The product has continuously been losing its glory especially among teens. According to a recent survey report, a significant number of teens believes, "Apple...

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