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India Sixth Wealthiest Country With Total Wealth of $8,230 Billion [REPORT]

wealthiest country
Wealth has been a yardstick to measure the financial health of an economy and while, GDP imposes certain limitations, wealth defies them, making it a better gauge for many research organizations. AfrAsia Bank Global Wealth Migration Review 2018 provides the full-length drift of worldwide wealth and wealth migration trends over the past 10 years, with projections for the next 10...

Capgemini Pegs India Shining With More Than 2 lakh Millionaires

millionaires in India
India is making noteworthy entry to world's richest list by scoring the fourth spot in the Asia Pacific Wealth Report 2017 released by Capgemini.The uber rich are growing considerably large in number in India as they tally grew from mere 84,000 millionaires in 2008 to whopping 2.19 lakh millionaires in 2016. At 4 percent market share of HNI population in APAC,...

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