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Paytm Takes Another Dig At Google: VSS Rebukes Google’s New Policy

Admission of guilt or not, there is no abating Paytm’s ire for Google’s policies. In a saga which started with Google’s temporary axing of Paytm from its Play Store to the local start-ups taking up arms against it, has now...

Can Paytm Mini App Store Shake The Ground For Google in India?

Not every day we get a chnace to witness that an Indian unicorn challenging one of the Big Tech companies in its home-turf. Surprisingly, such is the case for PayTM which, if not seeks to overthrow Google’s Play store, definitely...
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NFT losing mojo: NFT trading volume down by 97% since January

After the initial excitement and hype, the Crypto market is facing an unprecedented downturn, resulting in hundreds of thousands...
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