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With Upskilling a Focus, Google’s Annual Report Maps out India’s Trends in Search

2020 was a year that accelerated the relationship of the world with technology by leaps and bounds. India was no different. With the digital medium and internet becoming quintessential to engagement, it led to an array of interesting and telling...

Can Meena Build Another Google for India ?

Meena wants to become a computer engineer. She believes that if she works hard enough, she can build her own “big business”—maybe a Google. So she is determined to complete her schooling and earn an engineering degree. Young girls like Meena, just 16 years old but with the ambition and confidence to enter the tech world, are a rare commodity even in Silicon Valley
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Apple Outshines Samsung in Smartphone Exports from India with Record Shipments

An increasing number of Made-in-India smartphones are finding their way to international markets, marking a significant shift in the...
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