Covid Vaccine

Google Is Facing Opposition from Hundreds of Employees Over The New Mandate

Covid-19 has switched everyone’s lives upside down and affected professional services like never before. Vaccination is a dilemma not just for Google but in the whole corporate world. In crucial times like these, according to internal communications viewed by CNBC,...

Cybercriminals Now Shifting Focus To Disrupt COVID-19 Vaccines: A More Serious Crime Than Hacking?

The fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic has seen a lot of progress in recent months as working vaccines have now begun to be produced. But, with this development, cyberattacks have made a significant advancement too. A clear change in...
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Amazon failed to compete with Swiggy, Zomato in India: Shutting down its food delivery business

Amazon Food is shutting down in India. This news comes as a surprise given that Amazon's food delivery service...
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