Groww Active Traders Grew Over 870% in Less Than 2 Years, Outpaced Zerodha by 1 Million

Groww, an eight-year-old wealth management startup, has continued to assert its dominance in terms of active clients. By the end of 2023, the number of active traders on the Groww platform reached 7.6 million, maintaining a lead over its...

PhonePe Share.Market App: A Disruptive Force Poised to Challenge Zerodha’s Dominance in the Indian Stock Broking Market?

Zerodha, the stock brocking king of India, now finds itself in the midst of an exciting battle for supremacy. And this rival is none other than PhonePe, the UPI giant backed by the retail powerhouse Walmart, Inc. It's a..., India’s leading wealth tech platform, aims to disrupt commercial real estate with a fresh round of investment

Fintech startups in India are attracting the eyeballs of investors. Founded in 2021,, an alternative investments wealth tech platform, has attracted strategic investment from renowned investors including Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha.To accelerate the growth, has planned...
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Amidst Zepto Raising $665 Million at Astounding Valuation India’s Quick Commerce Market Heats Up

India's quick commerce market is witnessing an unprecedented boom, fueled by continuous advancements by its key players. In a...
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