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A Fierce Competition To Begin In App Segment: Google Play Store Surpassed 25 Billion Apps Download

An increasing number of smartphone and Tablets has created a huge opportunity for apps developers worldwide. Demands of apps are continuously augmenting globally and users are more willing to download apps from the reputed app stores. According to a recent report, over 45.6 billion apps are expected to be downloaded by the end of 2012. Alone Apple App Store...

How WP8 Platform Could Entice A Huge Number Of App Developers ?

Undoubtedly, today there’s a need of good selection of apps for any mobile platform to be successful. It’s worthless to follow the approach that "platform comes first and apps later". Now-a-day, there is exigency of a strong mobile ecosystem prior to create a mobile platform. At present, platform needs a well-turned developers base in order to imagine and build apps.In...

Windows Phone Marketplace Growth Stuns Apple and Google: Reaches 100,000 Apps !

We have already discussed how significant number of apps are determining the success of any platform. Billions of apps have been downloaded from Apple and Google’s apps store and undoubtedly, both the platforms (Android as well as iOS) are currently ruling around the world. Previously, I have already discussed that Microsoft is a nascent player compare to Apple and Google...

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