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Social Media Staffing: 45% Of $1 Billion+ Companies Have 50+ Employees, 98% Of Retail Firms Use Marketing And PR To Shape Social Programs! [REPORT]

Social media staffing is one of the most important aspects for any progressive business firm. More than 1357% increment was observed in the demand for social media professionals in the last 3 years. Companies are increasingly investing on social media activities and hiring expertise to provide prolific online coverage across various dominant networking sites to their fan base. Close to 45%...

Major Areas of Concern For Social Media Marketers In 2014 – Forecast! [STUDY]

As 2014 is approaching closer, marketers are busy conducting overall analysis of 2013 performances of their marketing efforts. Most of the marketers are conducting detailed analysis and piling up necessary data points, DOs and DON'Ts and important observations are being made, which need to be considered while framing strategies for the next quarter. It is vital for marketers to plan smartly...

How Top Brands Manage And Measure Social Media Success? [STUDY]

Top brands across the globe are embracing the social media marketing revolution and extracting maximal benefits out of it. Social media teams are continuously redefining their strategies and approach towards their loyal fan base by adopting latest trends and coordinating with various other departments within the firm to design an optimum strategy. Every firm is trying to hire more number...

Top Social Media Marketing Tools 2012: You Just Can’t Ignore It !

Presently, significant number of businesses around the world is creating pages in social media platforms to gain recognition and to increase sales. Digital marketers, who are always loaded with multiple social and professional networks management responsibility, always hunt for the best and efficient top social media marketing tools that could outperform their competitors. As the social media has crossed more than 1.4...

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